zachCutoutZach Reyes

Before I met Jason, I began my years of playing guitar through self-taught programmes when I was 10 years old. Truth to be told, it wasn’t that helpful because I wasn’t receiving any feedback on whether or not I was doing it correctly.

I began taking lessons from Jason after this “Hard Day’s Night” process. At first I was a little nervous due to the lack of advice I previously received from the “helpful” disk (*self-teaching dvd). Seriously people, don’t fall for those. And after my first few lessons from Jason, he’s taught me several techniques and musicality on a larger scale than any other teacher or programme or website has taught me.

Who would have thought that he can teach me how to play, read, and write music in a few years’ time? Not only do his teachings come in handy music wise, but also have taught me three important psychological aspects. Patience, which indicates that learning music is a life long journey and that there are no shortcuts in mastering it or any other goal we wish to fulfil. Persistence, has taught me to strive in music, academics as well as personal goals. Finally, practise. You can’t be the next Charlie Parker unless you PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE. These three P’s were written on a guitar pick I received from Jason many Christmas seasons back.

Now, on the road to a wider range of musical studies, I can’t be more than thankful for every little advice, tune, technique and solos Jason has aided me with. Cheers Jason.

Joseph BasilleJoseph Basille

After a long absence from guitar lessons I decided to look into taking lessons again and I found out about Jason on the internet, I liked the first trial lesson and I’ve had lessons with him for nearly two years. Jason’s lessons have improved my technique immensely and given me more of a passion for the guitar. It has also given me a weekly goal to achieve, which makes me pick up the guitar knowing that I have the confidence to realise I can progress.

I previously had a teacher back in the mid 1990’s. I stopped taking lessons with them as the lessons were un-organised and I only learnt the odd ‘lick’ here and there with no format. I also didn’t learn songs all the way through. I was then unable to continue taking music at school and my guitar got put down with every intention of learning again, ‘one day’. Much to my regret that took almost 15 years.

I think Jason is an excellent guitar teacher as he is very patient and puts theory into practise. Jason is obviously very passionate about the guitar and this makes it a great learning environment. My only regret is waiting so long to come back to the guitar. If you want to be an accomplished guitar player and learn all aspects of the guitar then I recommend taking lessons with Jason.

Tom and James HallTom and James Hall

As a guitar teacher, Jason has great depth and teaches more than just chords and notes. My son wanted to take lessons and I wanted to get him in front of a talented teacher, along with taking lessons myself. From the first phone call with Jason, he exuded confidence and was knowledgeable and extremely well organised and flexible, accommodating us with a duo lesson which we have been taking for 3 years.

Prior to coming to him I just was not progressing at all and had slipped into bad habits. I only picked up my guitar occasionally and hadn’t had a teacher for many years. Jason is light years ahead of the two incompetent teachers we had had.

Both mine and James’ playing improved together with the pacing of his program to match us, building and using our skills in a structured manner. We now have confidence playing the guitar and its fundamentals. I would highly recommend Jason, my son and I travel right across town to take lessons with him.

Michael Van Zijl

Michael Van Zijl

Before I started lessons with Jason I tried to teach myself through YouTube and Guitar Tabs and I had very little success and was not improving swiftly. My playing has improved significantly since I started guitar lessons with Jason. I have covered many different guitar styles that I would never have come across if I had continued to teach myself. Jason gives me useful direction for my playing.

I thoroughly recommend anyone who wants to learn the guitar to take lessons with Jason. You will be surprised at how quickly you improve and most importantly how much fun you will have. I’ve absolutely no regrets since taking lessons with Jason and I’m looking forward to continuing my learning with him in the future.


Callum VealeCallum Veale

I started with Jason four years ago and hadn’t played guitar before that point. Since then the lessons have helped me cover a wide range of styles and situations and I have improved vastly since then. Getting timing right right was the hardest thing for me to get that Jason helped me with.

I have been to the pedal seminar and it helped me learn what pedals do and how to use them and I have also played in the Jam Camps that helped me get used to playing with other people. To anyone reading this I have been able to convince someone else already to take lessons with Jason, it’s good fun and he has taught me a lot.

Rohan DouglasRohan Douglas

Before coming to Jason I could not play a full song, only the main riffs of songs. I’ve been coming to lessons with him now for six months and my playing has improved a hundred times. My chord knowledge, strumming, finger-picking and especially my timing has provided me with the confidence to play around other people.

Jason’s a very professional teacher and his teaching is very easy to understand. He always has the students best interests in mind, I highly recommend taking lessons from Jason whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn or can already play the guitar and want to polish up on your technique.

Ryan CornwellRyan Cornwell

In the words of his father;
We found Jason via the local community newspaper and we were impressed with his professional manner and structured approach in developing and achieving the needs of a student. In the 5 years Ryan has been taking lessons with Jason he has stretched his practical skills based on a solid understanding of the fundamentals.

Ryan’s been to Jason’s Effects Pedal seminar which helped him understand the options for making the most of his pedals. He’s also attended his monthly Jam Camps where he learned to play with other students in a real-life situation applying his skills learned in lessons.

I would strongly recommend that anyone contemplating taking up the guitar or taking their skills to the next level should consider the investment in an instructor of Jason’s calibre.

Matthew Veale

Matthew VealeI went to Jason’s lessons on referral from my cousin who takes lessons with him because I wanted to learn the electric guitar and my teacher wasn’t showing me that or songs I was interested in learning. Since going to Jason I have learned how to play songs fully and to keep working on things until you get them right.

I’ve been to Jason’s Effects Pedal seminar, it was great, I learned a lot and now know what to spend my money on and not what to waste my money on. I also attend Jason’s Jam Camps, I find that they help improve your skill with playing with other people and they are fun.


Jake Tebbs

Jake TebbsIn the words of his parents;

We chose Jason to teach Jake because he specializes in the guitar. Since being with Jason for over 4 years now Jake has grown, and continues to grow, in confidence with his playing, not afraid to try new tunes, and is comfortable playing in front of friends and other people. Jason is able to adjust his teaching style to both the age and experience of the person he is tutoring, takes a genuine interest in his students, and is personable and patient.

And in the words of Jake:

Taking lessons with Jason has helped me improve extremely well, I don’t think I could’ve done anything without Jason. If you’re thinking about lessons with him, take it, you never know, you might end up as good as me.

Adrian RussellAdrian Russell

After many years of contemplating learning how to play the guitar I spoke to Jason on the phone, who I found out about through the local newspaper, and I decided to take lessons. I knew from the first time I bought my first guitar that having lessons was the best way for me to learn and move forward.

Jason has been patient and dedicated to my learning. I had absolutely no understanding of music or how to play the guitar. And in five years I have come a long way and the more I learn the more I love playing the guitar. I have improved so much I cannot thank Jason enough. He teaches me the music I love, not music that has no appeal.

Jason was my first tutor and I have no need to change and I have never used another and have no reason to. I really enjoy my lessons with Jason, he has a fantastic understanding of music, and I have no hesitation in recommending Jason to my friends and family which I have done on many occasions.

Every day or week you don’t commit to learning is another week wasted; Jason is absolute value for money and I could not recommend him enough.

Callum ButlerCallum Butler

I was referred to Jason’s lessons by referral of friends and I wanted to take up the guitar and I had heard great things about him. I’ve been coming to Jason for 4 years and prior to that I had a guitar teacher at school, but I didn’t like him. Since starting with Jason my playing has improved immensely.

I’ve been to Jason’s Effects pedal seminar and it helped me understand the different pedals and how to use them. His Jam Camps have helped me improve my playing of what I learn by using what I know. To anyone who is considering lessons with Jason you won’t regret it.

Matthew KooistraMatthew Kooistra

In the words of his mother;

My son has been learning the guitar from Jason over four years and during this time he has enjoyed the lessons, never once saying he didn’t want to go. Under his tutelage Matthew has improved significantly.

Jason is very encouraging and gives Matthew a sense of satisfaction when playing the guitar, he takes an interest in and has built a rapport with Matthew. Jason is very organised and nothing seems to be a bother, I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning the guitar.